Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Puzzles for the little one

Grace has a number of puzzles which some of them are still too advance for her. There's this Bible Puzzles, which I saw from Christianbook.com, which contains 3 double sided puzzles with 12, 24 and 36 pieces respectively. Though this is too advance for her, I will put the puzzles together myself, in front of her and then teach her on the bible stories that the pictures depict.

Other than the bible puzzle, we have 2 early Puzzles set which we redeemed using our Bonuslink points. Each of this set has 4 puzzles ranging from 3 pieces to 6 pieces. Earlier on when I obtained the puzzle, I would put it together for Grace and tell her stories of the picture. This:

About 3 weeks ago, I started to teach Grace to put together the 3-piece puzzle which assemble to a fish. Initially, Grace would just bring me the pieces randomly and asked me to put the puzzle together. When I ask her to put it together herself, she would need my help to bring her the correct piece.

We abandoned the puzzle activity for about 2 weeks cause I was so busy with the Church Children Holiday camp. Today, Grace saw the puzzle in her cupboard and requested to play with it. I took the 3 pieces out and shuffle it. Then to my surprised, she could put it all together, needing some help in securing the joints. What a great pace children are learning at!

I will start to teach her another 3-piece puzzle which assembles to a car next.

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