Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing tricks

**this is a backdated post for Monday August 4th, 2008

I am not sure from where and when Grace picked up these tricks. Hubby told me that it was from some of the brothers and sisters in church, as they were playing with her on Sunday. I recon that may be she also picks up from me when I played with her "which hand is it in" guessing game with her.

What did she do? It's a pity I could not have it on video, it was so so cute.

In the afternoon, I gave her chocolate. She took it and run around the house. Then, as she was walking towards me, she hid the chocolate with her two hands behind her. Then she show me one hand, the one without the chocolate, and says "Boh" (means none). After a few seconds, she showed me the chocolate and says "Nah"(means here it is). She's playing tricks.

Another one that she did was, she hid the chocolate under her blouse, and says "Boh, Boh", then took out the chocolate and says "Nah". So cute!

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