Monday, August 18, 2008

No more a super glue!

Grace use to stick to me and/or hubby like super glue whenever she's surrounded by strangers or even those she knew from church. So every time when we are in church, either one of us would need to look after her while another one of us go on with our church service.

When Grace was younger, we tried to let her join the children worship (which runs concurrently with the Sunday service). Although she likes to be around other children, she can't sit down quietly. For fear of disturbing the other kids, we postpone the thought and let her play in another room.

Until the last Sunday (not yesterday, it was the week before, August 10th). That Sunday I was serving as a pianist during the Sunday service while hubby is involved in a choir and testimony. As both of us were tied up, there's no one to take care of Grace. I have a god-daughter Joan, whom willingly help to take care of Grace for us that day.

Joan together with her mom, Chai Luan, whom so happens was the teacher for the children worship that day, lead Grace into the class. our surprised, she went through the whole class without any major problem. Half way through the class, Chai Luan help bring in milk (Grace is now mixing between breast milk and formula milk) for her.

Later on after the Sunday service, I checked with Chai Luan on Grace performance in the class. She told me that Grace joined in the singing by clapping, while sitting quietly during the story telling. Now there's this 2 sisters in the class whom like so much to take off their shoes. Grace did make noise wanting to take off her shoes, but the teachers manage to attract her with something else while not taking off her shoes.

It seems to us that Grace is beginning to learn to be independent.

Yesterday, I had plans to let Grace join the children worship too, but before I could do that, Grace demand on playing on some board games. Knowing Grace, I hold on to sending her into the class for fear that she will protest. While she's playing with her game, I asked her if she wants to join the "哥哥,姐姐" (means brothers and sisters) in the class. To my surprise, she node and says "收" (keep/tidy up the game). So I sent her into the class. Everything was going smoothly until a little girl suddenly cried during the class. Grace was frightened and thus asked for me. So we have to send her to another room. Overall, I think Grace is ready for classes like that.

Grace further showed her independence through out the day. As the children camp is coming up this Thursday, we were busy preparing for it (learning the dance, songs, final meeting and arrangement) after Sunday service. Moses was not around as he went to my dad's church for rehearsal on dad's church 50th anniversary and ordination service (Moses will be the chairman that day). Even so, I still gets to do all my things without Grace screaming away. How's that so? Many of those not involve in the camp help to look after Grace. Not forgetting to mention that, Grace don't even asked to be breastfed until when we were at home at 4pm. (Grace had milk and porridge).

"Grace, good progress! Keep it up!"

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