Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our church Children Holiday Camp had just ended yesterday night. It was a great time with the kids there. Though tiring (I had been sleeping over 2am in the past few days too), but joyful to see so many children learning together. I am especially glad and proud of my group of dancers, 5 girls (one 7-year-old girl, three 8-year-old girls and one 10-year-old girl). All of them did a good job yesterday night in performing the dance, though they only have 3 days (not full day) to learn and practice. I taught them the Hi-5 T.E.A.M song dance and it was a great success!

While I was busy with the teaching and things, I was so glad that I have hubby and my mom to help with looking after Grace. Grace is still too young to join in the fun in the camp, and we are also afraid that she might get knocked down by the kids accidentally. On Thursday, my mom followed me to church and looked after Grace through out the time there. Thanks mom!

On Friday, hubby took the day off just to look after Grace. I leave home earlier in the morning with mother in law to the camp, while Grace and hubby stayed on at home. They only joined us later.

Friday night I slept at 3am as I was rushing with the video clip editing for the graduation night. So it was a little hard to get up on Saturday morning. Hubby was so good in bringing Grace our for breakfast while I continue to sleep. Later I was still busy with completing the video clip and hubby continued to look after Grace. Our camp starts at 4pm and hubby also continue to look after Grace at home while mom (in law) and I headed to church. They joined us later in the evening for the graduation night.

All in all, I am glad that Grace can now be away from me for longer duration. And after these days, the bond between father and daughter has grown a lot!

Great job done, hubby and Grace way to go!!!

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