Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grace?!? What is wrong with you?!?

Sigh...sigh...sigh.....I don't know what she wants!!!

It has been 2 continuous nights! Both yesterday and today. Not sure what is bothering Grace. She just can't or may be it's won't get to sleep during bed time. During the midnight, it was ok. It was just when wanna make her sleep. Just can't get her to sleep without tears!

She kept crying and crying and crying. When we asked her what does she wants, she will just point to the door, exclaiming "Ah Mo", "Ah Mo". Who is she referring to? I recon it is Amos, her cousin brother in Shanghai. Is she really missing Amos? We won't get to know unless she speak to us!

Furthermore, she won't allow her daddy to leave the room until she falls asleep. Whenever Moses attempts to leave, she will stop feeding and turned towards Moses, then......CRY!!! Sigh..sigh..sigh...Poor daddy, has to stay on and on and on, leaving his important work behind.

Yesterday it took us about an hour to make her sleep. Tonight, it's even worse. We went into the room at about 10pm, start feeding her, but she won't sleep. Came out to the living room, played football for about 10minutes before she requested to go into the room. Got into the room, she requested to browse through her big book of pictures. Saw a page on birthday party, demanded we sing birthday song over and over and over again. Then give me a love bite that bleeds. Then start feeding again. Then cry. Then feed. Then cry. Then feed. Then cry, cry, cry. Then at about 11.25pm, finally fall asleep. Argh.....what is wrong with her?!?

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

She probably misses Amos and probably didn't want Moses to leave because she missed her daddy for a week when you went to Shanghai. I'm sure she'll gett better in a few days.