Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hmmmm...what to write? what to write?

Nothing special today. As our days in Shanghai is coming to an end, we are just closing up on our shopping list and that's about it. Grace is as usual acting like a big sister at home, giving me headache during meal times and talking some language that none of us understands. Other than that, nothing else.

So I decided to look up a little more information on the place that we are staying now, Maurice's home. The YanLord Town that I mentioned in my earlier post.

Apparently this place is named as YanLord Riverside City (仁恒河滨城) a project by Yanlord Land Group Limited. Actually, when it comes to Chinese wordings, I am just beginner level. So it took me a while to recognise the wordings, even when I see it almost everyday. Pai seh...

Ok...back to the YanLord Riverside City. It is located at Lane 1599 DingXiang Road (丁香路), Pudong new district, Shanghai City. It comprises 4000 units over 3 phases and is comprising of 25 residential apartment blocks. Oh...I am now in one of the blocks! And YES, it is within close proximity to many amenities. Like I mentioned earlier, it has connecting underground carpark, Community centres (some opening soon), indoor and outdoor swimming pool, larkish kids pool, outdoor children play area with sandy beach, 24-hour security and many many more amenities. What a great place to stay.

I wanted to take a photo of the area this afternoon, but I was carrying Grace so couldn't do so. I promise that I will take a shot tomorrow and make a posting.

Note: Information on YanLord Riverside City is obtained from the website if Yanlord Land Group Limited at

Updates: As promised, some view of the place.

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