Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping spree

One of the main attractions to Shanghai is SHOPPING!!!

So today my mother in law and I and off course Grace (how can I leave her out) when to the Shanghai Pu Dong Ya Tai Xin Yang Clothes and Gift Market. It is located underground at the Shanghai Science and Technology Musuem Metro Line Station. There are lots and lots and lots (I think a few hundreds) of shops down here, all selling things like bags, watches, ties, clothes, shoes and many more.

As it is a more crowded place with lots of stranger, we were extra careful with our belongings as well as Grace. However, things is not always as we wanted. Grace always has her own agenda. She wants to walk on her own, not wanting either of us to even hold her hands. So in the begining it really stress me out. She has became more and more mischevious. What did she do? You will definately shake your head once you know what she did. At first I insisted that I carry her on my hands. But she insisted that she walk. So I let her walk but insisted that I hold her hands. Holding her hands very tight that she's unable to fling my hand away. Then how did she respond? She ran to her grandma making signs that she wants her grandma to carry her. So mother in law carried her but not for long. A few seconds later, she demanded that her grandma let her walk on her own again. Sigh.....she knows how to manipulate people!! Sigh...sigh...sigh....

Now...let's talk about shopping. When you shop in places like this, you really need a very good bargaining skills. Else you are ready to get your throat sliced! But be sure to buy the goods if they finally offer you the price that you bargained. will get scolding from them. I mentioned earlier that there are many shops selling bags. You may want to be careful when you enter these shops, especially those with partitions. I remember once when I came during February, I walked into a shop selling bags and I was looking around unaware that I was already in the inner part of the shops. Then suddenly they close up the partition for the inner part with me stranded inside. How scary! I guess they just want to show me those pirated or "A" goods!

This time I tagged along with mother in law whom is quite good in bargaining. We went to 2 shops that my mother in law will surely visit everytime she's in Shanghai. One of the shop sells men's shirts while the other is selling shoes. No bargaining here cause mom always buy from these shops, so the price fixed already.

From both the shops we bought 10 shirts (5 for hubby's little brother Moh Herng, 4 for hubby and 1 for my dad), 1 pair of sneakers for Moh Herng and 2 pairs of sandals for mom in law and myself. I also bought a long skirt from a fashion shop which does not allow bargaining. Last thing on my list was some flowery tops which we saw on our way in.

As we were heading to the shop that sells women clothing, we came across a shop selling children clothing and we saw what we wanted for our church children. Kids army apparel and girls sports suit. So we bargained and bargained and bargained for the clothes. While we are doing that, Grace was wailing away because she's tired and hungry. I think we took like 30 minutes to close the deal. RMB700 for 14 suits (9 three-piece army apparel and 5 two-piece girls sports suit). I think it's quite a good deal. As I was finishing up the transaction, Grace was shooting on a borrowed shooter. As usual, she doesn't want to end her fun time session, but forced to. So, again I sacrifice my desire of buying some flowery tops!

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