Saturday, July 12, 2008

6th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow, July 13th 2008, marked the 6th year of our marriage. A successful one, I would say and a blessed one too, with Grace with us now.

Hubby and I don't usually do things that are fancy during anniversaries nor birthdays. But we sure will have a good dinner out together. This year, with Grace (for the 2nd year now) we need to be extra careful in selecting venue for our dinner.

As tomorrow is a Sunday and we usually will have our weekly outing at Youth Park, we decided to have the dinner tonight. So, for the whole afternoon, we were searching high and low (well...hehhehe...just the Internet la) for a good restaurant. I wanted steak, so we are only down to a few restaurants. With a toddler around, we have to consider on the ambiance of the restaurant plus our budget. Grace is more likely to make noise during meal time (banging the table with the cutlery, playing with the straw), so it makes it more difficult to find a suitable venue. It's an anniversary, so it wouldn't be so nice to have dinner at a food stall. However, some restaurant have too quiet an environment. Some restaurant even banned children under the age of 12.

In the end, we decided to have our anniversary dinner in Thirty-Two at The Mansion. This restaurant has a very nice environment, plus the good is also good. So, we went there at about 7.45pm, a little late from our planned time, 7pm, as we had a phone call from a friend in the US.

We settled into our seats, ordered our set dinner. Hubby chose BBQ chicken with rice, while I selected charbroiled sirloin steak with black pepper sauce. Both are yummy. We started off with starters, off course, then soup and then a long pause! And you probably guessed what happened next. No food to eat but long waiting. Grace started to make some noise, wanting to go watch the dogs that she saw outside the restaurant (I don't know why there's dogs there).

Initially hubby wanted to give in and carry her out, but then we thought that it would be better to let her be busy on something else. Drawing! So we requested a pencil and there she is drawing this and that. Off course with the help of daddy and mummy. Then, to our relief, there's this live band there singing Jazz. And to our surprise, Grace loves the music and was swaying with the rhythm. We are saved! Then when we have our main course, Grace just loves the BBQ chicken (sharing with daddy) and the Chocolate Walnut cake that I had for dessert.

Overall, it was a great dinner time for us. Tensed at first, cause we don't want Grace to disturb out diners, but later relaxed and enjoyed the whole dinner time!

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