Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A tiring but enjoyable day!

Exhausted. Yeah one word says it all! This is how I feel right now, sitting in front of my computer, typing this post.

I normally don't have much time to do things that I please. During the day, almost all of my time is dedicated to the little mischievous one. Sometimes, I may ask my mother in law to play with Grace, but that will only last, the most, 45 minutes. She will then starts to, "Mee ah.....mee ah".

When then do I have time for blogs and other stuff (I am serving in children ministry in my church)? Well, only during Graces' nap time, which is only about 1 hour and like now.....nearly midnight!

Why am I so exhausted today? Well, as you can see from a series of photos below, I was busy playing with the active little girl I have at home. There's drawing, digging out books to read, sticking stickers, building blocks, playing balls (kicking and rolling) and a new found interest, remote controlled cars! Initially I thought Grace would be afraid of remote controlled cars. But, when I tried it for her, she loves it! Seems a little tomboy to me...wahahaha.

You might be thinking, controlling car should not take a lot of energy. Well think again. Grace is holding the remote control and she only knows the forward button. So, whenever there's an obstacle, there's this remote-controlled mummy, adjusting the car. Plus, there's no sitting down time when she's on the move. She will make sure I am also on the move so as to adjust the car the moment it got stuck. Very demanding, but again, I must say, all is worth for that smile in Grace.

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

She is so cute with that remote control car! She looked like she was having a blast!!!