Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Think out of the box!!

Everyday Grace will surely surprise us with one of her new found ability or even with a new gesture.

Yesterday my mother-in-law make some noodles ("lam mee") and asked a few friends to come over for dinner. So there it was a crowd of people sitting in our living hall looking and laughing at Grace's movement and reaction. Then, Grace showed us her new found game, a role playing kind of game. She's there using her stack and nest barrels as bowls, displaying it nicely on top her Imaginarium (that'sthe brand) wooden sets barrel (use it like a stove or counter), a spoon and a plastic container in hand, playing cooking and eating. What a tremendous scene. It's a pity I don't have it snapped as photos.

Fear not, cause she did that again today! Here's some of the photos.

You will never know what she's capable of and what she will be up to. In the afternoon, she was so busy pushing her toys container (a plastic storage box) to place it in between the coffee table and the sofa. I was thinking what she is up to this time. Then, there she is using the storage box as a couch. Sitting on top of the box with the sofa as her back rest and the coffee table as her leg rest. Oh dear oh dear!

What can I say? She will just make our days though tired, but full of surprises and laughter.

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