Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kiddie shopping spree!!!!

Yesterday night I went back home empty handed, but was full harvest!!!! Hahaha....

Maurice gets to use the company car for the weekend. So went to a place which is a little further from our home.'s the kiddie shopping haven. This place is named Neon Kids Plaza (霓虹儿童广场). The settings here is like the settings in Shanghai Pu Dong Ya Tai Xin Yang Clothes and Gift Market which I mentioned in my earlier post. Lots of little shops all...well almost all...about 99% of them sells kiddie clothing, shoes and accessories. Gosh.....there's little dresses, skirts, blouse, T-shirts, sandals, shoes, bags, stickers, toys and many more.

As usual, Grace can't shop for too long, even when we are looking for her clothes. She starts to make noise after a few stops. Maurice keeps on entertaining her with different things. Lucky, there's this one stall selling toys and there's this fishing toy which attracts little Grace. So she and Maurice stayed at the stall while we (mom, Jessica and me) shop on. Here's what she was playing and we bought one for her to take home.

Oh dear, I can't really remember how much I spent. If I were there longer, I think I have to let Grace have my whole wardrobe! Lets see if I can recall the prices of all those that I bought.

First, there's this piece of flowery dress. Well, I like flowery dress. So my daughter should be wearing one. This is RMB31.

Then this two piece blouse and jeans skirt for RMB78.

Next it was this stripy blouse for RMB25.

A while later we spotted this pair of shoes. Grace just loves trying on shoes, pair after pair. This pair of shoes is RMB55.

Next is a time for bags! I bought 2 bags one for Grace and the other one is for Grace's friend Sarah. Guess which one is for Grace! Both bags cost a total of RMB70.

Finally it is time for lunch. So we head off to the first few stores to buy those that we spotted earlier on. I always wanted to get white blouse for Grace. It's quite hard to get one in Penang. Most of the little girls' blouses there are with fancy patterns. So, I got 2 for her. Both blouses cost RMB35 each.

Wait! I am not finished. Lastly I get this stripy polo-T for my little girl.

We too bought for Grace's cousins in Singapore. Here's what we got for Isaac, Joy and Isaiah respectively.

Overall, it was a great shopping day!!!


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Of course the Pooh bag is for Grace!
Wow, all that shopping!!! OMG! I can never do it. Glad that you are having such great time shopping.

Ta Chie

Yeong Shong said...

How come you know is the Pooh bag? Because it is nicer? is always nice. This kind of crazy shopping is just once in a blue moon. Since we dont travel often.

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

I know you like Winnie the Pooh and you like green.