Thursday, July 10, 2008

Helping with the chores...or is she messing things up?

When you have a little toddler like Grace at home, you just got so many things to laugh and talk on.

Doing household what I tag on today. Off course, she not only lend her helping hands today, but everyday!

You might be thinking....What are the chores? Well, there's a whole lot of things she can "kepo" on, like sweeping the floor, dusting off dust from furniture, folding the clothes, hanging up clothes.......hahaha...I can go on and on...she's just curious in every single thing that adults do.

When either of us is sweeping the floor, she will come around trying to snatch the broom from our hands. There's this one day when my mom in law is sweeping the floor, and I am busy wrapping flowers (for a friend's graduation), the daddy put the little helper to use. What is she up to? She took the feather duster and started dusting every single corner of the house! What a scene!

One more thing that I must mention. This time relating to clothes. Grace just loves the time of the day when, again either of us, hang up the clothes and folding the garments. When we hung up the garments, she will volunteer to name the person whom that piece of garment belongs to, i.e. mama (grandma), mee ah (short for mummy), dada (daddy), and shushu (uncle). And guess what? 90% of the time, it's correct! What great memory!

When it's time to fold up the garments and keep it, she willingly help by bringing the folded garments to our respective rooms. Though most of the time, we need to re-fold the garment when it reaches the room!

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Oh mommy's little helper, how cute!
She can come help me in my garden anytime. :)