Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grace wanna be an elder sister!

When Grace was younger, she used to get jealous whenever hubby or I, especially me, was carrying other babies or kids. She will demand that we immediately put down the baby and carry her. This can be clearly seen when we visited my brother-in-law, David in September 2007 when his wife, Jessie delivered their 3rd child, Isaiah. Then Grace was only 10 months old. Whenever I attempted to carry the baby, she will immediately run to me and ask me to carry her. Nevertheless, she's still caring towards the baby.

I am not sure since when she changed her mind about little babies. Nowadays, she just loves kids and babies. Sometimes even too friendly. Some of our friends children are afraid of her. Why? Grace is so warm and friendly. She will not only say Hi to them, but will hug and kiss them! She just loves making friends!

Nowadays, she wants me or hubby to carry little babies. She will demand that. When Jessie visited us in June 2008, Grace is just so caring to Isaiah. Kissed him and hug him and wanted me to carry him. (pictures to the right) And now, we are in Shanghai, she's also doing the same to Amos.

When she wakes up in the morning, first thing she wants to do is to look for the little brother. When she comes home after shopping, she wants to look for the little brother. When Amos cries, she will hastly run towards him, wanting to comfort him. Even when I am feeding her lunch or dinner! If we tell her that Amos is sleeping, she will ask that we carry her and let her see Amos sleeps. She will also offer Amos her bottle of milk or any other food. Oh....how sweet.

I think she's ready for a sibling. Moses...what do you think?!?!

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Another baby? That would be fun!
I'm sure Grace will be a very good big sister(like her aunt...pointing to myself...wink wink)