Saturday, July 26, 2008

Window shopping?!?

My dear brother, Daniel wanted me to check out on the prices of Coach wallet in Shanghai. Thus, yesterday night we went to Yaohan (八佰伴). Nah....there's no men's design there, only women styles.

Since we are there, we walk around to see if there's anything we can get there. Mom-in-law bought a pair of ivory court shoes at RMB198. Very nice. There are lots of shoes there and many are on sales. But the problem is, I can't find even a pair that suit my living style! Hai.....

As I was walking along, a white handbag caught my eyes. Hmmm...nice bag and is in the right size too. Let's see how much it is. You guess. I can't remember the brand as it's something not so common, or maybe I am so so out that I don't know the existence of that brand. Grin. Well that handbag cost RM1980! Wow!!! Expensive!!!

Ok...forget about handbags I told myself as I continue to browse through the shopping floor. Then another thing caught my eyes. A purple flowery lacy dress. The dress is a modern type of dress about knee high. Well, lets check on the pricing. Guess what? It's RMB2980! Too expensive for a dress!!!! Again I don't remember seeing that brand anywhere in Penang.

Oh dear, all these branded stuff are expensive! I continue to window shop there, exclaiming with shock on some of the pricing. I ended up empty handed.

Great window shopping!

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