Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shopping, shopping, shopping!!!!!!!!!

It's Sunday today! So in the morning we went for Sunday Church. Maurice and Jessica brought Amos so they went to the children sunday school together with Grace. Mom and I went to the service. Not a very long service. After that we went straight back home.

In the afternoon, Grace and I took a very very long and heavy nap. Then it was dinner time. After dinner we head of to a shopping mall by the name of Super Brand Mall (正大广场). It is just across the street from Oriental Tower. Why are we there? Shopping of course! In fact, we were there on Thursday when we visited the Oriental Tower. I saw an evening gown (well sort of) in one of the shop, NEXT, wanted to try on it but it was getting too late for the kids. These few days, I keep on thinking of that dress! So, here we are again.

Lots of shops are on sales there. Went to Zara, H&M and NEXT. Got a belt from H&M for RMB99. Then NEXT.

When we where there on Thursday, the dress that I eyed on, there were still lots of them with different sizes. Today, there are only 3 left all smaller sizes. I tried on but couldn't make it, just need 1 size bigger, but there's no stock left. Sigh...Sigh..Sigh..I should have learnt a lesson from my trip to Melaka. The same thing happenned. I eyed on 2 piece of garment, the next day I went, both SOLD! Next time I will buy whatever that I like the moment I see it!!!

Never mind, there are still lots of blouses and dresses to choose on. I finally got 1 white blouse, 1 brown skirt and 1 checked skirt. All for RMB360.

You must be wondering where is Grace. Well, I need to mention again, Grace is always making noises when I wanna shop. So, thanks to Maurice and Jessica and Mom and the QQ sweet, I managed to get something for myself.

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