Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Daddy, daddy, I miss you"~~Grace

Hubby sms-ed me saying that he's working late (as usual) again tonight and that he might be sleeping early tonight as soon as he's back home. So there's no time to chat tonight. Thus, I decided to call hubby. I delibrately put the phone on speaker phone so that Grace could get a chance listening to her daddy talking.

While hubby and I were talking, Grace suddenly uttered "dada" and seems wanting to talk to daddy too. But as usual, she's kind of afraid of the phone! As the international charges are expensive, we made the call short and hung up, forgetting to let Grace bid goodbye to daddy. What happened next? Grace was wailling away blaming me for not letting her talk to her daddy! And who's afraid of the phone in the first place??

No choice. I had to made a call back to her daddy. This time, she uttered more "dada" but still afraid of the phone. So I told her to bid goodbye. And sure she said "bye bye"...I mean waved to her daddy, adding it with flying kiss...a few times. I was touched!

After the phone call, Grace whom is supposed to go to bed, insisted that we go out to the living room. Once there, she got herself busy with loads of stuff. Just refused to go to bed! By 11pm, I had no choice but to force her to bed. But it seems that she's waiting for something or maybe someone. I would never know!

Once in the room, she just couldn't rest even after I breastfed her! She then crawl on to me and just lazed herself on top on me. Her expression was very different from usual. Very different. Then I asked her...."Are you thinking of daddy?"....she shoke her head with a strange kind of expression, as if that she's in deep thoughts.

I think she's really thinking of her daddy and is somehow waiting for him to appear after hearing him on the phone.

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