Thursday, July 24, 2008

72nd Hour in Shanghai

The weather today is extremely hot. Weather forecast state that the highest tempreture is 38 degree celcius while lowest is 29 degree celcius. Whew....really hot! Even the wind is hot!

As we do not have a car to drive along (relying on taxi to move around), we decided not to go anywhere during the day. But do we entertain the little princess?? I can't possibly let her watch Hi-5 all day long!

Lucky me, there's this sort of like a resident centre for the residence of the Yan Lord**仁恒** community (there's the place where my brother-in-law stays). And there is a big children playhouse there for children below 6 years old to play. Great! Now, the whole Yan Lord community has a very very big build up area with lots of apartment blocks. How then can we go there without going under the sun? Again, lucky me, or rather lucky residence! There's this basement carpark which is linked between all the many blocks and off course the community centre. So, not under the hot sun. But then, the block which we are staying in is quite far from the centre! Again, lucky me. There's free buggy service for the residence to help them move around in the carpark! Marvelous!

So we are now there at the playhouse. The moment Grace sees the play area, she runs to get there sooner! Kids, kids, kids! And there she is playing around, having fun!

All of us (mother-in-law, sister-in-law Jessica, little Amos and Grace) went there together. Half way through, little Amos is already making noises. So, mom-in-law and Jessica decided to head back home, but Grace refuses. So I stayed on while they head back home, forgetting that I don't have the access card with me. Now, the access card is as touch-and-go security card which allow access to the lift lobby and to the floors in apartment.

After having much fun, Grace decided to go home. So we head back home, by taking the buggy off course. Lazy to walk...hehe....

Once we reach our block...Oh card how to go in?? No problem, I can call Jessica using the intercom. Oh no!!! I forget the unit number!!! Never mind, let's call her house number. Oh no no no!! I don't have the number! What did I do in the end? I called hubby, whom is in Penang, whom then call Jessica, whom open up the access door and lift for me. Silly me!

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