Sunday, July 13, 2008

Try IT out...

We have this fresh flower bouquet that we put in church every Sundays which is as an offering to God by different members of the church. Today, it's our turn. Normally we have a few members, whom are really good in flower arrangement, prepare the flowers. But this time, I was thinking of giving flower arranging a go. So yesterday morning (saturday) I went to the market to hunt for flowers. I bought some carnations, roses, forget-me-not and some small white and purple flower (I don't know the names).

In the afternoon, after the kids fellowship, I stayed back while hubby fetch the kids back home. Started off with the arrangements confidently. Well, it turned out that I bought too much flowers, especially the forget-me-not. So, I ended up with two bouquet of flowers. Here's the products for display. Please do give comments so that I can improve in this area. I will definately try it out again!

(left) the main bouquet (right) the extra bouquet

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