Friday, July 4, 2008

Bought something again!!

I bought something from Borders again! Ghosh....I guess I need to ask Borders if they have any loyalty program, cause I am visiting them every week and almost most of the weeks I went back with a bag of goodies!

Well, today I bought something really interesting. Both are from the bargain books corner. First there's this "My Big Book of Words and Pictures" book for only RM23.90. Lots of pictures inside and a picture dictionary.
Good for little kids. I can use it for dual purpose. One to show the kids in Sunday School this Sunday (I'm teaching on God's marvellous creation this week) and two for little Grace to ponder on. I showed her the book and she's kinda interested in some of the pages, like the Birds and Sea Animal pages. Another way to teach her words! But have to be careful, it's not a board book and Grace is a little rough with books.
Then, there was this "Paint and Make Jungle Animals" ~ no glue or scissors need for only RM17.90. Amazing. There's 8 ready made cardboards of 8 different animals. All I need to do was paint it and join the pieces together, just like a puzzle. And tada......animals for display. I'm going to use it during this Sunday God's Creation lesson. A good way to attract little ones. I'm sure to use it to teach Grace as well, when she grows a little bigger.

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