Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing special

Well, too much of shopping over the weekend. So today we did not do anything special. In the morning, the weather was not so bad, very windy and not that hot, so mom and I and Grace walked to Carrefour which is nearby the place where we stay. Off course, we did some shopping. Nothing much from my end. Mom bought some gifts for friends and I bought a few books and Crayola washable markers for Grace.

After that, we bought fried chicken from KFC and went straight back home. A normal afternoon nap. In the evening, I brought Grace swimming at the Yan Lord Town outdoor larkish pool. She, as usual, enjoyed the fun at the pool.

At night, we have dinner at home and continue watching tv.

As Grace was feeding, I asked her whether she wants to go sleep. She shake her head while continue feeding. Then mom and I asked her whether she wants to go back to Penang to find her daddy. She immediately sit up and node her head over and over again. Later, hubby and I talked on the phone while Grace keep on calling "dada". Guess she's missing her daddy again. Just before she sleeps, I asked her whether she's missing her daddy, and to my very surprise, she node her head again and again. Daddy......Grace is really missing YOU!!!

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