Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Travelling far from home

It has been a few days since my last post. That's because I was travelling to a place far far from home, Shanghai.

Well, this is an ad-hoc vacation that my hubby talked me into. The other day I was checking flight tickets for my mother in law, whom wanted to visit her second son in Shanghai, and noticed that Malaysia Airlines is having a promotion. The total cost for a return ticket from Penang to Shanghai via Kuala Lumpur was just RM1265 including airport tax. Hubby says that it's a way of letting me relax a bit and not so bored staying at home. He also says that I can buy whatever I want, no questions asked. Yippee!! So, here I am, away from home for 12 long days, doing all the shopping I want!

Our journey started on Sunday. Boarded Malaysia Airline Boeing 737 to Kuala Lumpur which departed a little later than the scheduled time. Reached KLIA at about 10pm but our connecting flight to Pudong, Shanghai was at 1.40 in the morning! A very long wait awaits us, extremely long when you have a very active girl with you!

Once settled down, Grace demanded this and that. Wanted to walk around, walk on the travelator, play with the public phone and things like that. So, mother in law and me took turns looking after her.

I know that Grace was already sleepy, just that there's too many things to attract her there at the airport. So, she refuses to sleep but wanted me to board the plane (she keep on pointing to the boarding gate, that's how I know). As soon as we board the plane, without even drinking milk, she's already fast asleep. She's so so sleepy that she did not even protest when I put her on the bassinet. And...she slept the whole way through!

So, it's now just sit back and relax in Shanghai, with lots of shopping!!

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