Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have a sweet tooth from when I was very young. I like....even love anything that is sweet. Chocolate, drinks, ice-cream, cakes.....etc. Hehe...I think that's how I got my current size too. Anyhow, I'm not talking on sizes here.

I guess, it is from me that Grace also starts to develop a sweet tooth. She too like chocolates, ice-cream, yogurt and sweeten drinks. Though, I try not to let her have so much.

Before promoting to a mother, I was used to having all those sweet things to myself. Hubby has a family history of diabetic, so dare not take too much sugar. So, I enjoyed my very big share of chocolates, ice-cream and things like that. But since with Grace, all these big portions of favourite things, have to be shared among mother and daughter. Sometimes, even have to give her all. Sigh.....I guess that's the fate of being a mother. Mothers will always put their little ones first, even those are her favourites. A tribute to all mothers.......especially my very own mother.

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