Monday, July 7, 2008

Outdoor fun!

Like every other Sundays, we went for Sunday Service in the morning and obtained our soul food. Then back home for a nap, then off we go to the park for some exercise. Our church members (most of them are working adults), will gather at Youth Park, for a game of Caption Ball.

I normally will not play in the game but will go and have some fun with Grace at the children playground. There's a whole lot of kiddie rides there, like swing, slides, see-saw and some bouncy thingy. However, for some reasons, Grace do not like most of the rides. She enjoyed watching other kids play but will not try on herself. Guess she's afraid of something. But I donno know what!

Out of all the many rides, there's this one slide that she likes. It's with staircase and then a slide. Don't have chance to take a snap of it. It's quite high up for an 18 months toddler, but she's just as stubborn. She will insist of climbing up the stairs with little of our help, then with our help, slide down. Yesterday, she had many go on the slides. Insisting time after time, when we stop her for fear that she will have tired legs. As stubborn as she can be, she still give in after about 8 slides. After which, she refuse to walk on her own. See....she's tired.

After about 20 minutes, she's on the grass again, kicking balls and "jogging". Here's a video clip of her sitting on her favourite ball! Enjoy!

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